1973 ET Encounter & Briefing with Jimmy Carter Aboard UFO led to 1977 Carter White House ET Study

In an exclusive Open Timelines interview MY JOURNEY LANDING HEAVEN ON EARTH Author Alfred Lambremont Webre JD, MEd, a former Stanford Research Institute (SRI) futurist who is credited with founding the science of Exopolitics (Relations with ETs), reveals that Extraterrestrials may have coordinated a 1973 “missing time” briefing between himself and former US President Jimmy Carter aboard their UFO spaceship that led directly to the 1977 Jimmy Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study of which Author Webre was director.

This is a second Exopolitical revelation Author Webre has made about his Close Encounters with the Extraterrestrials. In his book, Webre reveals that in 1973 Extraterrestrials launched him into his new Exopolitical field of study with a February 1973 multidimensional ET contact experience.



Jimmy Carter, the 1976 Campaign, the JFK Assassination Investigation & the Extraterrestrials

In 1969, these same Extraterrestrials coordinated a UFO Close encounter with Jimmy Carter and 10 members of the Leary, Georgia Lions Club. Then in 1973, while Jimmy Carter was running for Governor of Georgia, Carter went on to publish an official UFO Sighting report of his 1969 UFO-ET encounter.

Author Webre, with help from UFO expert Jon Kelly, shows how Jimmy Carter exhibits all of the telltale signs of both a UFO Contactee and ET Abductee, most probably from when Jimmy Carter and Author Webre were teleported onto the ET spacecraft together for their 1973 briefing.

“Jimmy Carter’s 1973 public UFO Contactee Report was a setup,” Author Webre says, “for the 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study, congruent with the ETs joint 1973 briefing of myself and Jimmy Carter aboard a UFO.”


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