2012 The Year of the Mayan Prophecy

There is no doubt that, even as I write this, we are entering a new age of consciousness. The now disappeared Mayan people predicted that 2012 would see in a new age, and civilisations and society across the globe will change beyond all recognition.The mayans, 5,200 ago, years saw that 2012 would see the their calendric cycle and usher in, if not total devastation, then certainly a quantum change that will change our way of life forever. The first signs began with the destruction of the twin towers in New York; since then increasingly armed conflicts and natural disasters culminating in the recent Japanese earthquake and the turmoil in Libya and beyond threaten our very existence.

This not to say that mankind will be wiped from the face of the earth completely but those that remain will have been ‘chosen’ by the higher forces that are instrumental in bringing about such devastating changes to life on earth.

We can prepare for the effects of the Prophecy by adjusting our minds and fine tuning our consciousness to align with the new world order. How to do this is not difficult once we have recognised the need and desire to move beyond our present duelist and material view to a higher and more refined existence.

The signs are there, from increasingly complex and readable crop circles to massive atmospheric and weather upheavals that time is not on our side. It is clear that the higher forces are in control of our very existence and are communicating to those who are attuned to their signals and communications. Those that can’t or refuse to acknowledge these signs will be deemed to dispensable to the higher force that is the custodian of these inevitable, and for some, terrible changes.

I have felt, for a long time now, that we as a species cannot carry on in our current vein. At some point a price will have to be paid and having studied the Mayans and the meaning of their Prophecy for a number of years I am convinced that time is not far away.



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