“48 Hours: NCIS:” The haunting murders of Lea Anne Brown and Michael Patten

Produced by Paul LaRosa

In June 2001, the bodies of Navy Petty Officer Lea Anne Brown and her friend Michael Patten, a bank employee, were found in the woods off a rural road in Accokeek, Maryland. Both had been shot twice in the head. They appeared to be targeted murders — but why? Neither had any connections to any criminal activity, and there wasn’t anything else that would make them obvious targets of such a vicious crime.

“A missing sailor for one day is not a felony case … but I had 20 years of experience and a gut instinct told me there was something there. Don’t ignore this,” said retired NCIS Agent Chuck Alderman.

The agents of NCIS were committed to solving this murder of one of their own and her friend, working with detectives from the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office.

What would it take to find the killer?

Michael Patten and Lea Anne Brown

Cari Freemore

Agent Chuck Alderman |   NCIS, retired: We had gotten a duty call from Lea Anne Brown’s chief petty officer. …. Because Lea Anne Brown had not reported to work and had not called her chief petty officer to say, “I’d be late,” or, “I’m gonna be sick–the chief thought this was very unusual and notified NCIS.

Chuck Alderman: This case initiated in June of 2001. A civilian … had … noticed two bodies laying a short distance off the road in the woods in Prince George’s County.

Det. Jacqueline Broadus | Prince George’s County, retired: I remember clearly, it was a Sunday afternoon, bright and sunny, warm outside …We had no idea of any information …we just had two unidentified bodies in the woods.

Jacqueline Broadus: All we knew, we had a white female and a white male … shot execution style … within 12 inches …from their head.

Chuck Alderman: Prince Georges County was at a loss. On the other hand, NCIS had a missing sailor.

Cari Freemore and her daughter, Lea


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