5 Benefits of Tinting Windows: More Than an Aesthetic Makeover

Sure, we all know that tinted windows look cool and add style to a vehicle, but other than that, are there really any major benefits involved? I mean, how much good could a layer of tint do when you’re talking about the functionality of the automobile? Well, there are at least 5 benefits that we could think of, which should be plenty to persuade a car owner to invest in something so affordable and easy to install. Here the top 5 advantages of tinting your windows:

Enhanced Privacy

First and foremost, tinted windows limit the visibility people have from the outside of the car looking in. Whether you don’t want to be on display every time you turn a corner at an intersection, or you simply don’t want people knowing who is driving your car, with tinted windows your privacy is increased tenfold because it becomes difficult for anyone to see through your windows.

Better Temperature Management

With certain types of tint you can reduce the amount of heat that enters and stays in your vehicle by up to 60%. Since the tint serves to block a certain percentage of UV rays it not only keeps the inside of your automobile nice and dim, it also keeps temperature significantly cooler. In this respect tint can actually serve together with an air conditioning system to keep the interior at a good temperature always.

Stronger Shatter-Resistance

Tint can also protect your windows from being shattered when an object makes contact with them because the force of the impact is evenly distributed across the tint film, instead of travelling directly through the glass and cracking it. Furthermore, even if the glass does crack most of it will be held together by the tint that it is attached via adhesive. While tint will not guarantee that your windows remain crack-free through any accident, they can significantly decrease the likelihood of a broken window.

Prevents Upholstery Damage

When upholstery is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time it begins to crack, dry out,…

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