A couple’s art collection finds the perfect architectural match in a Paul H. Kirk family home

Anne Fleming and her brother, Don Fleming Jr., grew up in, and now own, this classic Bellevue home, which was designed by their famous uncle. They rent it to art dealers who relocated from the East Coast.

THIS PARTICULAR MATCH made in heaven owes Cupid nothing. There were no flapping wings, no flaming arrows — just one divine convergence that created a truly picture-perfect pairing.

OK — maybe not a typical “pairing,” in a cooing, Valentine-y kind of way. But the connection here is indisputably heartfelt, and heartwarming.

Steve and Carol Schulte, founders of Schulte Fine Art, are private art dealers from the East Coast. One of their three children, a daughter in Medina, discovered an awesome rental home for them in Bellevue: an authentic, award-winning classic with its own name — The Fleming Residence — designed in 1951 by super-influential local architect Paul…

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