A Good Jaw Crusher Decided by Accessories

Jaw crusher is an important equipment in primary crushing,it is used widely in mining and construction.It has the best technology maturity in all kinds of crushers.

The quality of jaw crusher is decided by the accessories’ quality,the main accessories of jaw crusher are: jaw plate,moving jaw,main-frame,toggle plate,main bearing, side board, spring, bearing support, Bracing bar and so on.

Jaw plate is a wear part which is often made of high manganese steel.it include moving jaw and fixed jaw, the size of the jaw plate is different according to the model of jaw crusher.

The side board is to protect the machine from rolling friction and sliding friction, it is a wear part and made of high manganese steel.

The frame is often made of casting or sealing-in, the material of frame often use casting steel, for example ZG35. The quality of jaw crusher plate can be guaranteed in good state if…

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