Accent Technologies Releases Microsoft PowerPoint Plugin—Adding to their Sales Enablement Software Platform

The PowerPoint Plug-in gives users direct, fast access to those critical resources—and then keeps them informed about any updates.

Today Accent, the leader in sales enablement software, announced the release of a plugin that allows users to access their sales and marketing content library or corporate presentation library directly from PowerPoint.

Accent’s PowerPoint Plugin provides a number of capabilities. At the highest level, users can quickly access presentations in their content library and download. More powerful capabilities let users browse presentations viewing thumbnails of each slide, search at the slide level—returning individual slides from across the library matching the search criteria, and build custom presentations from slides chosen from multiple presentations.

One of the most interesting capabilities is that the plugin keeps track of any slides or presentations downloaded from the library, and notifies users when updates have been made to the source slides in the library—preventing users from including outdated or inaccurate materials in their presentations. Users can opt to update their presentations to the fresher versions even at the individual slide level. The technology driving the individual slide updating is patent pending.

The Accent plugin gives corporate users the ability to access and share critical presentations and slides across the team. It reduces the need to browse network drives or ask colleagues for the latest version of a slide deck. Redundant effort is also reduced as users are less likely to waste time re-creating materials already available.

“Most organizations have some of their most valuable information and messaging stored in PowerPoint—especially materials used in the sales…

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