Activating the Law of Attraction by Harnessing Your Most Powerful Emotion

Few things are more popular now in the world of self improvement than the Law of Attraction.  To the lazy, it sounds like a great way to bring about all the wonderful things in life – wealth, love, the perfect body etc without having to work for them.

Serious success minded individuals know better of course.  By correct use of the Law of Attraction followed up with appropriate action, you really can create amazing changes in your life.

Visualization and affirmations are two ways to activate the law.  Take a dream that you’ve had for years, but never for a moment believed could become reality.  It could be anything, from learning how to sing, to writing your first book, or launching your new business.

You probably know the steps:  Create your perfect success picture and hold it in your mind at all times. You may have done it all to the best of your ability before and not…

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