After School Activities for Your Children

After school is over for the day there are all kinds of outlets for children and young adults to channel their energy. Wither they be coming home from college or university, or even grade school, there is always an excess amount of energy that has to be burned.

This is in no way a negative thing. After all, energy is what powers the world. The drive and persistence of highly charged youth is what sparks innovation and creativity. So, based on this fact of youthful energy, parents and business people got together and decided to create leagues and after school activities to harness the energy that when not controlled wrecks houses and destroys furniture.

As a child, my personal favorite after school activity was boxing. My mother would drive me to the karate and boxing gym where I would train with other children. We did not go there, or at least I did not go there, with the intention of becoming a professional boxer. I don’t think that the purpose of the gym was to turn out professional fighters. It was more like a fun activity and an exciting thing to do. It was very healthy.

This experience was one of the most prized of my childhood. I remember going into the gym and seeing my coach standing by a heavy bag smiling at me. We would train on the speed bag and even do some accuracy training on a mannequin. We would do endurance training and straight and conditioning training. I loved every moment of it.

These kinds of activities are not just fun things to do. If you are a parent, and I have written this assuming that you are, than you should know that making sure to set aside money for your children to go to an after school activity should be a top priority. If you already have your child in an after school program and feel like you are driving your kids around all day to the point of exhaustion, then you ought to really change your mind. What you have to be thinking about is the tremendous advantage that you are giving your children in life. By sending them to…

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