Americans are big losers | New York Post

Congratulations, America: We’re the world’s biggest loser.

Americans collectively dropped $116.9 billion in casinos last year, making us the top suckers of the gambling world at a cost of an average of $420 in casino deficits per American adult, according to a study on the world’s biggest gamblers recently published by the Economist.

For that kind of money we could each have a snowboard vest from Bathing Ape and have change left over for an $18 cup of coffee in Sunset Park.

It’s appalling that grown people — trusted with cars and rifles and offspring — have yet to figure out that they have no shots at being long-term casino winners (unless they do something casinos don’t allow, like card counting, dice sliding or roulette-wheel tracking, for starters). Isn’t it the definition of “insanity” when (reasonably smart) people enjoy gambling even though they…

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