Apple iPhone 4S- best smartphone till date

Even though the Apple iPhone 5 hs been released in the market, the demand of the iPhone 4S is still very good in the market. Apple iPhone 4S is truly a perfect smartphone. Even though it looks quite similar to the older version iPhone, but still it is a great device that is well equipped with high end features. One of the most important features of this smartphone is iCloud which allows you to restore the backup easily and at the same time allows you to push or store applications, calendars, photos as well as contacts from your phone. Let’s us have a look at other important features of Apple iPhone 4S.

Talking about its performance, the phone features the powerful A5 CPU that makes it noticeably swifter especially while kicking off applications. Though, it is good when it comes to performance, but is slower than the Samsung Galaxy S3 because that features the quad core processor….

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