Author Penelope Colt’s Illustrated the Newly Released “Just What Happened in the Garden of Eden” is a Trio of Biblical Renditions Featuring Adam, Abraham, and Jesus

“Just What Happened in the Garden of Eden”: retells the stories of three Bible figures in modern terms. “Just What Happened in the Garden of Eden” is the creation of published author, Penelope Colt, mother, trader, horse farmer, artist and a former GM journeyman. Born in 1953 in Portland, Oregon, her family moved to NYC when she was three. At six, they moved to Dayton, Ohio, where Penny graduated high school. At sixteen, she toured France to learn the language. She studied outdoor education at Goddard College in Vermont and philosophy at Boston University where she was deeply involved in de-segregation and race relations.

Taking an internship at Tahlequah, Oklahoma, she was exposed to the Native American heritage. In 1976, she was hired by GM in Michigan as a tool and die apprentice, earning her journeyman card eight years later. She married a horse logger. After the birth of her second child in 1986, Penny quit GM and her family traveled throughout the US buying and selling at major flea markets and festivals. In 1993, they bought a hundred acres in Tennessee where they built a log cabin and lived off the land. She has since divorced, but maintains her farm and sells artwork.

“’ADAM…ADAM.’ Sound filled the air. It was all around. He did not know from where it came. ‘ADAM… ADAM.’ Sinking quickly and suddenly under the fern again, he lay as still as his shivering body would allow. Over and over, he heard that sound…’ADAM…ADAM.’ And he began to cry.” — Penelope Colt

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Penelope Colt ’s new book is a trio of stories about key figures featured in the Bible, illustrated by author.

“Just what happened in the Garden of Eden” offers a short rendition of the Biblical account detailing…

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