Aviva Woman Opens Sanctuary for Intimate Wellness

Aviva Woman, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, celebrated its Grand Opening on Friday, May 5th.

Aviva Woman is the only clinic in the nation to focus solely on a woman’s intimate needs, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Their team is made up of women who have experienced the personal, intimate issues they now treat. They draw upon this experience to fuel their passion for helping their guests. Aviva Woman proudly stands as a For Women and By Women company.

“There are no other ‘like’ practices in the area. But what certainly sets us apart is we are run by women, for women. We address those intimate needs that are often brushed over in a doctor’s office because there’s either a lack of time, or a lack of knowledge about what can be done for the complaints that the women have,” explains Teresa Blair DNP, CNM, WHNP | Medical Director. “We are very personal, we always have very personal introductions, and we allow you that comfort and time that helps you to open up and talk for us to be able to fully address your needs. It’s a very warm and comfortable environment – both through the furnishings, the people who are here and the time allowed to talk about those concerns.”

Aviva Woman focuses on three areas of treatment for its guests—Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Intimate Wellness.

Mental Wellness Therapists provide evaluation, counseling, and treatment for many challenges that affect women at every phase of life. Areas of focus include anxiety, depression, sexuality, trauma, and overall mental wellness.

Physical Wellness is addressed with revolutionary radio-frequency treatments called ThermiSmooth® Face. This non-invasive, non-surgical, pain-free treatment smooths fine facial lines to reduce the effects of aging and increase confidence.

Intimate Wellness is addressed with a…

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