Casting love or money spells that work

Whether you have learned magick spells, hypnosis, law of attraction, silva method or any other mind over matter subjects, it all relates back to the use of the powerful subconscious mind of the human being. As the saying in the bible, the “Spirit of God dwelleth in you” (King James Bible 1 Corinthians 3:16) mentioned in many new age books that talk about the potential of human ability to create their desired reality.

There have been abundance of books about how the powers of subconscious mind that is used for healing, unlocking extra sensory perception and manifesting desired situations in life. These books contain great lessons about the importance of keeping a good habit of positive thinking. But sometimes, positive thinking alone is insufficient to create a situation you want, at least not without proper understanding of how focus, emotion and the topic of brain state affects the quality of the reality a person creates.

One of the rather scientific studies of subconscious mind is through hypnosis that covers the importance of level of brain states a person can experience in order to effectively implant suggestions to the subconscious mind. Many people who have been meditating for many years have the ability to easily shift their brain states to different levels while retaining their consciousness as far as delta level. It means these specially trained practitioners can have lucid dreams and out of the body experience.

Because hypnosis is a commonly known tool for psychological healing and physical to some level, it usually distinguishes itself away from the field of occultism. Though not many people are aware that the practice of effective “law of attraction” and hypnosis lies in the same weapon – subconscious mind. The use of spells, ritual dance, chanting, shamanism, meditating or any other practice in similar manner to achieve one’s desire result are basically the practice of self-hypnosis. That is by conducting their ritual act to access the power of…

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