Cheapo Travel: You hate these sneaky fees, and so do we

Some travel websites use fancy algorithms to analyze travel trends, but I don’t need computers to know what you hate.

And, my friends, what you hate most of all are sneaky fees designed to hide the true cost of travel.

Am I right? Thank you.

This practice is called “unbundling,” and it means that all the services that used to be wrapped up in one price – gee, such as the right to swim in a hotel pool or use the Wi-Fi – are now “extras” that require an additional fee.

This infuriates the traveling public, but it’s been good for companies like the airlines, which saw record profits this year, in part because we’re all paying millions in baggage fees to haul suitcases, which used to be included in our fares.

According to my Extremely Scientific Survey of my friends and readers, here are your most hated hotel and lodging fees:

Resort fees

Yeah, even…

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