Does America have a free-speech problem?

From college campuses to legislative chambers — and all the way to the White House — people are trying to control what other people say. This isn’t new. But examples seem more plentiful lately.

Does America have a free speech problem?

That’s our Question of the Week for readers.

Is there too little or too much freedom of speech? Is it a particular issue these days? If so, what’s causing it and what’s the solution?

Have you felt that your political views were being stifled, whether at work, at school or in your personal life? Has your exercise of your freedom of speech led to adverse effects?

Are liberals or conservatives more to blame? How are the Trump administration and its critics affecting free speech? How responsibly are members of the media exercising this right?

In California alone, February saw UC Berkeley cancel a speech by then-Breitbart editor…

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