Dr. Charlotte Howard, Psychologist, Launches Online Program to Help Women Love Themselves

YourselfTruly.com launches this month to help women everywhere establish a better relationship with themselves.

Counseling psychologist and relationship expert, Dr. Charlotte Howard, developed the 10-module program to guide women through the process of learning to love themselves, from self-compassion to developing a strong voice.

Through working with hundreds of women over the past ten years, Dr. Howard noticed a pattern of women repressing feelings, never being satisfied with themselves, and having trouble receiving care from others. These all lead to chronic anxiety, depression, shame, loneliness, or struggling relationships. The cure? A loving relationship with oneself. Yourself Truly offers video presentations, interviews with experts, discussions with inspirational women, and experiential exercises to help women understand and nurture who they really are.

“We live with ourselves moment to moment, every day; so our relationship with ourselves colours every nuance of how we see and experience the world,” Dr. Howard says. “I believe the world really needs us women right now to let go of our insecurities and show up with our full hearts and voices.”

Dr. Charlotte Howard received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology on full fellowship from the University of Iowa, completed her doctoral internship at the University of Texas Counseling & Mental Health Center, and then founded Deep Eddy Psychotherapy, an award-winning private practice in Austin. Over the years, Dr. Howard’s guidance has grown the clinical team to 15 therapists, with a focus on holistic treatment and mindfulness techniques. For more information, please visit http://deepeddypsychotherapy.com/charlotte-howard.


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508 Deep Eddy Ave.

Austin, TX 78703


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