Dr. Rod J. Rohrich Delivers the Presidents Lecture at The Rhinoplasty Society

Developing true expert status in rhinoplasty requires intense hard work, focus and willingness to be self-critical when performing a rhinoplasty and how you can be better.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, an internationally known rhinoplasty expert delivered the Esteemed President’s Lecture at the annual meeting of The Rhinoplasty Society in San Diego, California. He discussed how a plastic surgeon becomes a true expert in rhinoplasty with his presentation entitled “Mastering Rhinoplasty – A lifelong Journey”. Dr. Rohrich, a board certified plastic surgeon from Dallas, Texas and the Founding Chair and a Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, presented to colleagues and distinguished international guests.

The lecture discussed how rhinoplasty is the most challenging procedure in all of plastic surgery and that it takes much more than 10,000 hours to become a true expert. One needs to sustain a long term focus, becoming better with each procedure and constant self-analysis and criticism. The process requires that the rhinoplasty surgeon concentrates on the three E’s – have significant daily rhinoplasty Experience, develop Expertise by teaching and writing about rhinoplasty in peer reviewed journals and producing consistently Exceptional rhinoplasty results. The Rhinoplasty Society is a globally recognized society of board certified plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons with recognized true expertise in this most challenging procedure in all of plastic surgery.

Dr Rohrich emphasized the five key aspects in becoming a true rhinoplasty expert:

  •     Know what you Know and don’t Know
  •     See the End Result before you Start
  •     Do…

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