Find those legwarmers, tease out that big hair and give ’80s aerobics a try

If you want to work up a sweat while singing along to 1980s pop tunes, this old-school aerobics class is perfect for you.

I CAN’T GET “You Got it (The Right Stuff)” by New Kids on the Block out of my head.

“All that I needed was yoooou. Oh girl, you’re so right … ”

Rather than analyze what that says about me and my 1980s-era childhood, let’s say ’80s aerobics did its job, especially when it comes to music.

I spotted the old-school aerobics class when I was at The Studio in Issaquah for tap, and I couldn’t resist returning for an ’80s-themed class.

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Teacher and studio owner Steven Oelrich encourages students to dress up. I wanted to go full-on Olivia Newton-John but, to my dismay, I do not own a shiny leotard, sweatbands to tame appropriately teased-out big hair,…

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