Fisher-price Geotrax Timberland Remote Control Railway System

If you are looking for a present which young girls and young boys will undoubtedly like and love, then you must consider the Fisher-Price Geotrax Timberland Railway. This train set is one of the brilliant product from Fisher-Price, a toy manufacturer famous for high quality and safety oriented toys. The Geotrax railway system has been designed for children of age two to seven years old. But that does not mean it is less fun for older children, as they will also enjoy the experience of having their own model railway.

The Geotrax Timberland Railway contains fifteen track sections, a rail station, mountain tunnel, working crane, steam engine, caboose, log cart, three colorful passenger carts, a conductor figurine, and a remote control. Even moms and dads will find it entertaining putting all these components together.

Children can run the train through the terrific tracks using a remote control. With this device children can easily move the train in forward and reverse direction. They can also control the sound of the train, making the whole thing much more realistic and fun to play with. It is not absolutely essential to utilize the remote control, though. The train can be moved on the tracks simply by pushing it with hands, so that younger children can have a hand-on excitement with this toy.

This train set is a fresh air in this age when many kid’s toys offered in the market nowadays put forward fighting monsters, strange robots, or weird action figures. You can say that this toy is old fashion, promoting old fashion fun of playing with the all-beloved trains.

One of the best feature of this toy is its tracks. The fifteen track components can be simply assembled together, as they employ the easy method of snap and lock. Your child can have the freedom of placing these parts whichever way he or she wants, thus promoting their creativeness.

One good thing of having a Fisher-Price Geotrax system is that all Geotrax products are compatible with each other, so that you…

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