Getting More Out of Your Notebook With External Devices

There are countless good reasons to get a notebook computer such as an ASUS UX31E-RY008X. These are highly portable devices that allow you to work on the move, and that give you the ability to enjoy working in cafes or on the tube, and at the same time they won’t take up the annoying amount of space in your home that a big computer or large laptop does. They’re light, they’re great to look at… it’s pretty hard to fault them really.

 But with that in mind, there are still some ways that you can get more out of them if you know how. The fact that they are so small for instance means that often it’s difficult to use them for certain tasks – for instance the small screen does make life difficult when it comes to watching media, and the fact that they have no CD drive means that you can’t watch DVDs.

 Or does it? Actually, if you spend some money and invest in the right external devices it is possible to get more from your ASUS UX31E-RY008X and to ensure it isn’t left for wanting in any regard. Here we will look at some external purchases perfect for your ASUS UX31E-RY008X.

HDMI Cable + Monitor/TV: If you buy a HDMI cable then you will be able to plug your ASUS UX31E-RY008X into the television and you can this way enjoy the same graphics only up on a crisp and huge HD screen. This then means your laptop need not have any of the downsides of the small monitor, but actually the benefits go beyond that – because you can use both monitors at the same time which will allow you to be more productive and to multitask in ways you won’t have been able to before. For instance why not load up the big screen with some information online and then use your smaller screen for writing, or why not watch YouTube videos on the big screen while you enjoy typing on the small one?

Games Controller: Your ASUS UX31E-RY008X will be capable of playing quite a few good games whether you’re into Sonic or you want to play some of those indie games that are currently all the rage. If you…

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