Good Jokes by Tal Gur

Good jokes are good because not only it will bring laughter to the people, but it will also not offend other people. Good jokes or commonly called clean jokes are those that don’t contain a foul and green intent. They share humor that can be presented to all kinds of age, whether you are a child who understands the concept of the joke, or an adult. Mark Twain is of those who write good jokes; he is an American author as well as a humorist. An example of his works would be the Adventures of Huckleberry Fin, and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

There are many types of jokes that are made, one example is the Question and Answer (Q&A) jokes. These are some examples of Q&A jokes:

Q: “Where do you find a no legged dog?” A:”Right where you left him.”

Q:”What do get from a pampered cow?” A:”Spoiled milk.”

Q:”How do crazy people go through the forest?” A:”They take the psycho…

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