Growing Your Antique Shop in New Zealand

Selling antiques on your own might become challenging, especially if you are new to the antique industry and do not know how to determine the value of your items. Finding a reputable dealer or trader is the best way to get you started in selling your antiques and growing your shop online. Some of the best antique dealers in Auckland buy items no matter where you are in New Zealand, and they can arrange a safe means for the antiques to be delivered. Their services are helpful to small antique shop owners as well as individuals and families who end up collecting or inheriting antiques throughout the years.

Consider doing your research before you get in touch with any antique dealer. This way, you can learn more about the antiques you want to sell to them before they see it, and you do not have to be entirely dependent on the expertise of the antique dealer. Be sure to ask them about how they will evaluate your items and if they charge for that service. Also find out how they will pay for items they are interested in buying from you. Reputable dealers often pay through bank transfer or in cash when they pick up your antiques.

Some of the best antique dealers in New Zealand have more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Hence, they are reliable and trustworthy, and you can be sure that you are working with a professional with a lot of knowledge in antiques. They work efficiently and fast, too. Consider working with an owner-operated antique dealer business for a more personalised service.

Working with a reputable antique dealer will ensure that your antiques can be properly taken care of and sold to individuals who can enjoy and appreciate them. Antique specialists have years of experience; you can trust them to put a good price on your items and minimise the hassle of selling antiques individually on your own. These experts buy a wide range of valuables and antiques, like gold and silver, coins and stamps, antique furniture, real or costume jewellery, China, and Maori artefacts and carvings. You can sell clocks and watches, mantiques (i.e. tools, bottles, and signs), ivory, taxidermy, military memorabilia, weapons, crystals, and coloured glass to them, too.

Make sure that the antique dealer is licensed to buy and sell certain antiques and artefacts. They must be fully licensed to trade Maori artefacts, and they must have a second-hand dealer’s license, too. Make sure that they are police-checked and they went through the proper procedures to obtain those licenses.

Logan Campbell is the managing director of Antique Traders which focuses on sourcing high quality antiques to sell to shop owners of antique or jewellery shops. Antique trader’s deals in buying and selling of antiques like antique furniture’s, antique jewellery, second hand jewellery, Maori artifacts in New Zealand.
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