Halifax students producing their high school’s musical after work-to-rule – Nova Scotia

A pair of Halifax students are taking it upon themselves to organize their high school’s musical since recent job action taken by teachers prevented their year-end production from going forward.

A week ago, a controversial bill was passed into law that ended work-to-rule job action taken by Nova Scotia’s teachers during contract negotiations. But some year-end productions remain cancelled. 

But that’s not stopping Citadel High students Ellen Shore and Ria Kapur. One day over lunch they decided to forge ahead themselves with the musical Into The Woods Jr.

“We’re just a community coming together, trying to put on a show that all high school students can be involved in,” said Kapur.

Into The Woods is really popular, and we’re doing the junior version, the first act of the show,” said Shore. “It’s very doable, and kid-friendly.” 

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