How to Woo Your Lover Even with Bad Credit

Who says you need to overspend just to make a vacation or a celebration special? Even with a bad credit, you can still celebrate if you just know how to be credit-wise.

  1. Got a date? Make a romantic dinner at home instead of eating out.

    If you’re planning a date, prepare a home-cooked meal or imitate a menu from a high-end restaurant. Drop by the nearest grocery and buy ingredients for your chosen meal. Let your imagination fly by adding sexiness to your dining table such as flower petals, laced table cloths, and a glass of your favorite wine. The good thing about home dinner is that you can avoid the troubles of extra spending over high-priced restaurant meals, and you can have the privacy you need to talk over things that made your bond stronger over time.

  2. Book vacation deals or discounts only.

    Searching online for the cheapest deals for gifts or travel is a great way to save…

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