JK Rowling Calls Trump A ‘Tiny, Little Man’

The day after first lady Melania Trump slapped away President Donald Trump’s hand in Rome, the couple made headlines again when “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling slammed him as a “tiny, little man.” The insult was in reference to Trump pushing the prime minister of Montenegro out of the way during a meeting for a summit at NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) headquarters in Brussels on Thursday.

In the beginning of the clip, Trump is nowhere to be seen. But that doesn’t last for long. Within moments, he appears on camera with the group of leaders and pushes aside Dusko Markovic with a smug smile. He then fixes his jacket once he gets to the front, apparently basking in the spotlight.

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The act unsettled Rowling. “You tiny, tiny, tiny little man,” the British writer captioned a GIF of the moment. The post was shared nearly 10,000 times and like nearly 20,000 times by her 10.4 million followers within minutes.

In response to Rowling’s caption, a fan shared an altered GIF, which depicted Trump as a physically smaller man. “You’ve got that right,” the netizen wrote to Rowling. She retweeted the post to her millions of followers.

CNBC breaking news desk reporter Steve Kopack was apparently one of the first to share the shove on social media. “Did Trump just shove another NATO leader to be in the front of the group?” he tweeted to his nearly 30,000 followers. The GIF alone amassed more than 35,000 favorites and more than 32,000 shares.

He then slowed the GIF down in case anyone struggled to see it. “Slo-mo: Trump appears to push aside/shove another NATO leader to get to the front of the group,” he wrote. “Update: Duško Marković of Montenegro is the person Trump pushed. Quite the welcome to the alliance. Montenegro becomes NATO member on June 5.”

Montenegro is slated to join NATO on June 5. The coastal country was once a part of the former…

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