Kongsberg Geospatial Launches New 3D WebGL Map Engine for Cloud Applications

: A 3D view of the globe with moving tracks is shown running in a browser using the TerraLens WebCore 3D map engine. The new engine allows application developers to deliver high performance cloud-base

Our goal is to continue to foster innovation in areas like cloud-based application deployment, while continuing to provide a stable platform for long-term projects.

Kongsberg Geospatial, an Ottawa-based developer of real-time, mission critical, geospatial and Command and Control software announced today that they are launching a new browser-based 3D map engine to deliver high-performance geospatial applications in the cloud.

The new engine, called TerraLens WebCore™ has been written from the ground up to use next-gen technologies to provide highly efficient 3D rendering in a HTML5 browser environment and provide a level of performance approaching that of native applications compiled for a specific platform.

This breakthrough will allow developers to deliver highly performant cloud-based applications using the TerraLens WebCore engine. The resulting applications can be deployed quickly, and accessed on virtually and platform or operating system via a web browser.

“Modern HTML5 applications are shader-based, which means that on computers with a GPU they can provide near-native performance,” says Kongsberg Geospatial CTO Gilles Bessens. “This makes it possible to roll out extremely powerful cloud-based applications on thin clients.”

Mr. Bessens is enthusiastic about what the new product can do, but points out that the technology won’t eliminate the need for more traditional native applications. “This technology is a great fit for applications where a Web deployment is the solution of choice, but for some purposes,…

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