Nevada Commits to Bring Organ and Tissue Donation Education to High Schools

Signing of SB112: Nevada organ and tissue donation education bill

Culture shifts in the classroom translate to culture shifts elsewhere. Armed with new knowledge, youth can make educated decisions and have an impact on conversations within their homes and communities.

Donor Network West, the organ procurement organization that heals lives through organ and tissue donation in northern California and Nevada, in partnership with Sierra Donor Services announced the passage of SB112 (Ratti/Kieckhefer). Signed into law by Governor Brian Sandoval, the bill requires Nevada high schools to provide organ and tissue donation information in educational programming for high school health and science classes.

Sponsored by Nevada Senators Julia Ratti and Ben Kieckhefer and supported by all four Organ and Tissue Recovery organizations serving Nevada including Donor Network West, Sierra Donor Services, Intermountain Donor Services and Nevada Donor Network, the passage of the SB112 will result in youth understanding the life-giving benefits of organ and tissue donation, and will encourage conversations within families and communities, ultimately saving and healing more lives.

Over 900,000 Nevadans have already registered as organ and tissue donors but the need is still great; 600 people await a life-saving organ transplant in the state and of licensed drivers and ID holders, only 40% have signed up as donors on the state’s registry.

Educators are in a unique position to present students with facts and truths about donation and transplantation, thereby equipping youth with knowledge about the subject in advance of their first visit to the DMV, where they are asked to register as a donor, usually with little or no information. By including…

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