New Videos Spotlight Adam Savage at Bay Area, California Fab Labs, Makerspaces on Chevron-Sponsored U.S. Tour

This is a brand new way of doing things by schools and other institutions. ~ Adam Savage

Renowned digital designer and maker Adam Savage’s website,, debuts videos shot at two innovative spaces in the California Bay Area; a high school fab lab and a children’s hospital makerspace. The Fab Foundation and Chevron sponsored the recent visits.

The visits are part of a national tour that celebrates the impact of digital fabrication and making in education and youth development, business and entrepreneurship, and invention. They feature interactive demonstrations from participants at labs, which reflect diversity in people and place.

Partners seek to expand awareness of the power of new tools, such as 3D printing, laser cutting, CAD design and robotics. “This is a brand new way of doing things,” from the perspective of schools and other institutions, Savage said, while on tour. The videos on show highlights of this innovation.

At the Santa Clara High School Fab Lab, he saw tangible, usable high-tech solutions the students are creating from equipment in the lab, such as vinyl cutters, milling machines and saws.

They were especially excited to show off prototypes for a football tee prototype for a design challenge provided by the San Francisco 49ers. Former NFL player and Super Bowl champion with the San Francisco 49ers, Jesse Sapolu participated. “What a fun way to make cutting-edge technology relevant for young people,” he said.

Olympic gold medalist, former U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team player and Bay Area native, Brandi Chastain, also attended the tour and demonstration. “Having this incredible, hands-on experience in high school will help fuel their futures,” she said.

The young innovators attend the 49ers STEM…

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