Pep Guardiola to Leave Barcelona

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has confirmed that he will be leaving the club at the end of the season. His contract was due to expire at the end of June and there is not any hope that he would make a continuous stay in Barca.

This was really shocking news to not only the players in Barcelona team, but also the fans of them. It is hard to say if there will be a dominant of Read Madrid in Spanish League, or a rifle comparison between Real Madrid and Barca. Will the Barcelona still have ambition and confidence to win the game without Guardiola? Is Guardiola’s leaving good or bad for Barca, especially to Maestri? Answer is still unknown.
In 08-09 Season, after taking the place of Rijkaard, Guardiola brought the Barca to a new age of success. The winnings of the Spanish League, King Cup and Champion surprised the whole world football. In the second half of 2009, they made another glory of taking in hand of Euro Super Cup, Liga Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. In the very short time, Guardiola enjoyed a great name from the world, becoming the world-level coach from a rookie coach.

During the four years of coaching in Barcelona, they obtained 13 championships out of 16. Aside from this, the popularity of Maestri-ctr360 maestri, is another success made by Guardiola. Due to his talent in discovering and coaching players, Maestri became the worthy FIFA World Player. And he was considered as a symbol of art of the soccer. Meanwhile, Javier MASCHERANO and Andres Iniesta became the core players of the team. However, without the coach, will they again be able to make miracles?

In this season, Barcelona is only possible to fight for the King Cup. However, there is no confirmed answer that Barca will win the game because they are playing against the Athletic Bilbao, a team who has improved much in the attacking.

On the opposite side, Guardiola does not fail in this season. He has made great effort in making changes in the first team by training more young players on the field…

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