Physiology Of Success

What is the physiology of success? Does this ring a bell? Sit up straight! Mom said. Is this just a refrain that is passed mysteriously from mother to mother, or do they know something we don’t?

Think of a person who would generally be considered successful, maybe a politician, motivational speaker, actor. What sets them apart? They step onto stage, or walk into a meeting, and everyone just knows. They are something special. This is the physiology of success! My mom was right all the time, I did need to sit up straight.

At NLP Training in New York we understand the relationship between physiology and success. Here is the secret: how we feel, our internal state in terms of neuro linguistic programming, impacts directly on our physiology. Feel good, walk tall. And the circuit works in reverse, walk tall, feel good.

Here’s a quick nlp experiment to try. Stand up. Slouch your shoulders down. Hang your head down. Look at the floor. Give a big sigh. Say “I feel fantastic”.

How does that feel? Fantastic? Or pretty bad?

Here’s another experiment. Stand up. Pull your shoulders down and back. Push out your chest. Breathe deeply and powerfully from your diaphragm. Raise your head. Look up. Set your strong gaze on the middle distance. See a bright colorful movie of yourself achieving exactly what you want. See yourself as bigger and taller in that movie, bigger and taller than the people around you. You are unstoppable! Now, one more deep powerful breath, clench your fist, and shout: I FEEL AWFUL!

How did that feel? Awful? Or actually pretty good!?

The fact is that our physiology is intimately linked to our state. This is a basic principle of NLP and the physiology of success. We are human beings and sometimes we feel bad. We have a bad day. We would love to feel better but just can’t see how. The physiology of success is the easy way.

Take a deep breath. Square your shoulders. Push out your chest. Raise your head. Straighten your spine. Take another deep breath. Now notice how you feel differently. Notice how your state has changed. Notice how you feel better, more resourceful, now. This is not a coincidence. This is the result of the physiology of success.

So now we know, don’t we, how to feel good right now. Or to feel good any time we want. Feel good easily and quickly. Simply get into that physiology of a winner. And feel how good it feels. How else can we use this skill?

Take a look around at your friends and colleagues and clients. Who has that physiology of success? Who doesn’t? Do you want to help them? Do you want to make the word a little better? Try this. You see a friend whose physiology indicates he or she is not feeling resourceful today, his shoulders are down, his head hangs, his breathing is shallow. Go and speak to him, match his posture. Speak a little slowly. Now slowly begin to straighten, begin to quicken your voice, and raise your tone to a more excited tone as you discuss the opportunities he has to enjoy the day. Notice if he begins to follow you into the physiology of success. If not match his posture and physiology and try again. Until he is in the physiology of success. Congratulations, you have made a difference.

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