prevent public interests on meizitang are illegal

prevent public interests on meizitang are illegal

According to participate in dairy safety standards of experts said, by a few big dairy standard drafting of the breasts of enterprises. But two of the key data colonies, the content of protein total, in “the last moment” is overhauling, standard greatly relaxed.

Experts is not really don’t understand, but is outraged the word of the just. Actually, this have what difficult? Standard is enterprise lifeline, who occupy the standards right, who will dominate the market competitive position. The formulation meizitang fruta planta of standards ability, it is an enterprise in a market in the right. So, dairy standard control dairy giant, this is not what strange things.

For example, the main drafting the vinegar made gb unit is a production enterprise of vinegar, not long ago, quick-frozen dumpling incident, frozen surface m products new gb was also refers to the big enterprise puts forward relevant. The question is, who is standard of standard?

Industry standard, not only is the production enterprise the need to comply with quality standards, but also the basic standards for the protection of consumer health. For enterprise that, reduce standard is to reduce the production cost, get huge benefits, they compete for the authorship of standard, can understand. Of course, in a relative competitive environment, they participate in the formulation of standards for meizitang fruta planta pills more criticism, the competition between them also makes standards is a fierce game process. But, flooding the sex makes them in order to get the industry interest and shake hands and agree to “outside”–the outside, is consumer.

Therefore, to make a standard is fair, fair and reasonable, will never be able at the mercy of the enterprise unilateral set the standards, otherwise, the public interest will be built on stilts, consumer rights will be ignored. So, the formulation of standards process, must absorb the interests…

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