PsyInnovations Partners with Amplified Life Network

We understand many EAPs and others involved in promoting behavioral health have limited capacity to develop, design or even vet behavioral health related digital solutions and mobile apps.

PsyInnovations, the developer of the widely-adopted, behavioral health app, wayForward, announced today that it will partner with Amplified Life Network, one of the largest, nationwide providers of behavioral health media for the purpose of providing Employee Assistance Providers (EAPs), employers and other organizations with a full spectrum of print and digital behavioral health resources.

PsyInnovations, based in New York, is comprised of a team of leading doctoral level behavioral health experts associated with Columbia University and Yeshiva University, a nationwide team of licensed behavioral health providers who also serve as health coaches, and a global team working with individuals and organizations in over a dozen countries.

“At PsyInnovations, our mission is to equip behavioral health and wellness providers with coach-supported, mobile apps, such as wayForward and other digital solutions so they can in turn provide those they serve with proven, scalable, cost-effective solutions for reducing the incidence and severity of stress, anxiety and depression.” said PsyInnovations CEO, Ritvik Singh.

Amplified Life will add PsyInnovations’ digital solutions and its mobile app, wayForward, to its suite of custom branded, behavioral health content currently available to EAPs, organizations, universities and government agencies. This will equip behavioral health providers with immediate access to the evidence-based, network supported, digital solutions, and mobile apps that organizations and behavioral health consumers are increasingly requesting.

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