Rave Mobile Safety Announces Cyber Security Enhancements

Rave Mobile Safety (Rave), provider of critical communication and data platform solutions trusted to save lives, today announced a series of product enhancements and process changes to further improve the security of its applications. The changes include a new security council augmented by industry-leading experts, implementation of leading-edge continuous monitoring solutions, increased penetration testing frequency and a series of product enhancements across the suite, including an upgrade to encryption technologies.

“We recognize the trust that our clients and users place in us,” said Rave Chief Product Officer Todd Piett. “In the effort of continuous improvement, we have proactively implemented several technology enhancements and process modifications to keep us on the best security footing possible. Security must be viewed holistically across all facets of a business, and these changes will strengthen each of those components.”

Cyber security issues continue to make headlines across the country, and the moves by Rave aim to strengthen both its defenses and those of the public safety industry. Rave’s work in obtaining Federal Security authorizations and smartphone app-related certifications with public safety groups have helped shape the program.

“In the past, we have identified vulnerabilities that impacted us and shared that information with others in the industry who we knew were also potentially exposed,” continued Piett. “A key goal of our internal security council is to formalize that ad hoc process and share learnings with industry associations and other vendors in the space. Cyber security is not a competitive differentiator; it is a baseline in which we all have a shared responsibility and interest.”

The program includes:

  •     Collaboration with industry associations and…

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