Risky draft move: Seahawks’ trades out of 1st round put brain trust in the heat

The Seahawks went from having seven draft picks to 10 — in Pete Carroll’s words, an “exquisite” outcome. But they had better hit on a good share of those picks.

“With the 26th pick, oops, the 31st pick — well, we’ll get back to you on that — in the 2017 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select … Bulk Inventory, from the University of Hoarded Assets.”

Mel Kiper Jr. says the Bulkster is not very flashy, but a real overachiever with a motor that won’t quit, a real steal. In fact, sometimes you’d swear this guy has been cloned.

On a night when 27 out of 32 teams, and their fans, got to revel in their feverishly anticipated and hotly debated first-round draft picks, and then show off their shiny new toys, the Seahawks opted to trade down, and down again, to rack up three extra picks.

It’s not sexy, and for those who have invested hours, if not weeks, in trying to divine whom the Seahawks would select in the first round, it was the ultimate exercise in anticlimax.

But for John Schneider and Pete Carroll, it was, in Carroll’s words, an “exquisite” outcome. For the Seahawks, picks are the shiny new toys, and Seattle went from seven to 10, which is like finding a bunch of extra presents on Christmas morning.

Seattle’s brain trust has a deep, abiding belief that the more times they get to make a selection — even if it’s outside the first round — the better the chance they unearth a gem. And they’re more than willing to sacrifice the glitz of Opening Draft Day to enact that tactic.

It’s a philosophy born out of faith in their scouting and analytical acumen, and backed up by such rousing relative sleepers as Bobby Wagner (second round), Russell Wilson (third round), K.J. Wright (fourth round), Richard Sherman (fifth round), and Kam Chancellor (fifth round).

Of course, there are also a litany of picks in the second, third, fourth and fifth rounds by the Seahawks that never popped, especially…

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