Shoppers URGED to wash hands before eating after picking up packs of supermarket CHICKEN | Food | Life & Style

It’s emerged that nine million packs of chickens are sold each year covered in a potentially infectious level of deadly bacteria. 

An investigation carried out by the Daily Telegraph revealed that the plastic covering of more than one in every 100 raw chickens sold by Britain’s supermarkets are covered in a potentially infectious level of camplyobacter. 

Campylobacter is the UK’s leading cause of food poisoning with 485,000 recorded cases last year, according to Public Health England. 

In previous years, the Food Standards Agency has described the risk of people becoming ill as a result of bacteria on the outside of packaging as “extremely unlikely”.

But now, food safety experts are warning shoppers who eat snacks with their bare hands after picking up plastic packs of raw supermarket chicken are putting themselves at risk. 

Dr Lisa Ackerley, an independent food hygiene…

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