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Do It Yourself Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance

Thursday, May 11th, 2017:

Singer Sewing Machines have been the top selling sewing machine since 1851. When Isaac Singer brought his first sewing machine to the market, the only way to stitch was by hand. His sewing machine revolutionized the sewing world. Today millions of these sewing machines are still in use. Thousands of new ones are sold every year. They all need annual Singer Sewing Machine service. Singer sewing machines are used for clothing construction, window treatments, quilts, wall hangings, decorative items, and craft items. Some Singers are used an hour or two per week. Others are used ten to twelve hours per […] Read More →

Profit By Repairing New Home Sewing Machines

Saturday, April 8th, 2017:

New Home was a make of sewing machines. It was manufactured by Janome Japan for the American sewing machine market. Today the trade name has been replaced with the Janome trade name. It is the same manufacturer. You can locate New Home Sewing Machine Repair Technicians all across America who have been trained and certified by Janome America in New Jersey. If you are looking for Janome warranty service, details for shipping your machine are included in your original users manual and warranty. Janome provides regional and a national repair center of this purpose. In most large cities, you can […] Read More →

Sewing Is Different Now. Discover How.

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017:

Since the beginning of time, the use of needle and thread have been essential for sustaining life itself. Sewing skills empowered people to stay warm and shelter themselves from the weather and animals. While women often did much of the sewing, survival was everyones business. Fathers and mothers taught their sons and daughters how to sew tents for shelter, clothing for protection against the elements, and blankets for warmth. Over time, family responsibilities gradually became increasingly specialized. Men would do the heavier work of housing construction, hunting or farming. Women took responsibilities for food preparations, garment construction, child care, etc. […] Read More →

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