The 7 Essential Components of a Home Solar Energy Installation

We’re all looking for ways to cut our household bills, not to mention trying to do our bit for the planet, and if you’re reasonably handy with some tools, then you might be surprised at quite how simple it is to build and install your own Home Solar Energy installation.

Not only will you be able to have a constant supply of “free” electrical energy inside your home, but if install a grid tied solar system, any excess electricity generated can provide you with an income by selling it back to your power companies.

The following are the 7 essential components that make up a home solar energy system, and are listed for convenience in the correct order of installation:

1). Solar Panels – Theses are the crux of the system, and are the panels that will be fitted onto the roof of your home to absorb the sun and generate power. You can buy these already made if you choose to or…

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