The cost to taxpayers of protecting Trump’s kids on overseas business trips

WASHINGTON — By Wednesday, Eric Trump will have gone to four countries on Trump company business since January 1st, each with Secret Service agents in tow.

In early January, it was a trip to Uruguay for a glitzy party to promote a new property, with a reported $100,000 in hotel bills for Secret Service and other U.S. government personnel.

Eric Trump at a hotel opening in Uruguay

Then just a few weeks after the inauguration, he flew to the Dominican Republic —  but not before Secret Service agents first went for a routine advance planning trip.

Within weeks, Eric and his brother Donald Jr. flew to Dubai for the gala opening of another Trump property. 

And Tuesday night night, it’s Vancouver’s turn: a new Trump hotel that will be the city’s second-largest skyscraper.  Both brothers are expected to attend, and their Secret Service protection goes with them.


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