The Foolish Oath and the Concerns of Woodpecker

A long time ago, there was a fisherman living on an island and he was good at fishing on the sea. The fisherman had a habit of loving to take an oath, even if the oath was not realistic.


In spring one year, he heard that the price of cuttlefish in the market was high, so he vowed to catch cuttlefish only when fishing on the sea. However, the result was contrary to his expectations. All he encountered were crabs, so he came up with nothing. When he returned home, he learned the price of crabs on the market was also very good. The fisherman was rather regretful and vowed to catch crabs only when go fishing on the sea next time. The fisherman was rather regretful and vowed to catch crabs only when go fishing on the sea next time.


When he went fishing on the sea for the second time, he paid all the attention to the crabs, but this time all he met were cuttlefish. Naturally, he also came back empty-handed. At night, the hungry fisherman again vowed: when going fishing on the sea next time, no matter he met cuttlefish or crabs, he would catch.


The third time, the fisherman strictly fished in accordance with his oath, but this time he only saw catfish, so the poor fisherman returned once again empty-handed. The fisherman had not waited until the fourth time and died due to hunger and coldness in his oath.


Perhaps in this world, there is no so foolish fisherman, but such foolish oath indeed existed.


There was an industrious woodpecker in the woods, catching injurious insects every day regardless of pains. A kind magpie stood high on the branches and sang high praises for the woodpecker every day. One day, the magpie asked the woodpecker: “You catch injurious insects every day. Don’t you worry that the injurious insects bear grudges and revenge you?” the woodpecker said: “The grudge and revenge from injurious insects are not what I’m concerned about. What I’m worried about is I am hard-working every day in the woods to catch so many injurious…

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