The Gillespie Group Completes Multi-Room Elementary School Forbo Flooring Installation During Christmas Break

Water damage to the flooring of several classrooms at The Fort Lee Elementary School, in Fort Lee, New Jersey School District had left education officials with a number of critical issues to address before students could return to classes.

First, the removal and replacement of the flooring had to be accomplished with little or no disruption to class schedules. Second, the project had to comply with New Jersey sustainability mandates. Finally, the flooring installation needed to provide students with a learning environment that was as durable as it was healthy.

To overcome these challenges, they selected The Gillespie Group, a leading NJ-based commercial flooring provider to eliminate the problem and provide a long-term flooring solution that would establish and maintain a healthy learning environment for young students. Recipient of the project award through the ESCNJ Co-Op, The Gillespie Group was a natural choice, as the company had previously worked on flooring projects for other schools in the town.

Grounds Director for the Fort Lee School District, Scott Bendul commented, “We’ve had considerable experience partnering with The Gillespie Group on four previous projects throughout the district. Their work and reputation are of the highest levels.”

The project timeline was dictated according to the length of the Christmas recess at the end of the calendar year. The Gillespie Group created a plan according to the timeline and set about removing and replacing the water-damaged flooring as soon as school let out for the Holiday.

The Company recommended the installation of Forbo MCT tiles for a variety of important reasons. The previous flooring required considerably more maintenance and had to be stripped and waxed several times per year. In stark contrast, the 13” x 13” squares of linoleum are made of recycled…

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