The Love Bug Solution™ is Now Bug Shield on Demand™ Popular Spray-on Bug Shield Now Available Worldwide

Bug Shield on Demand™ protects a vehicle’s paint from bugs with a film that turns to soapy suds and rinses them away!

We are still the only solution in the world that protects your vehicle from any type of bugs BEFORE damage is done, that is eco-friendly, and is removed simply by washing your vehicle

The Love Bug Solution™, is now Bug Shield on Demand™. The extremely popular spray-on eco-friendly barrier and cleaning solution to protect vehicles from insect damage, is now available worldwide in an aerosol can. The Bug Shield on Demand™ solution trumps all other bug protection systems and requires no masking or taping off any areas of the vehicle before applying. The bug barrier and cleaning solution that was introduced in 2011 as a simple solution to prevent love bug damage has been refined to add extra protection and bug cleaning options. It’s perfect for every vehicle operator who has had to labor to remove love bugs and other insects from a vehicle’s hood, grill or headlights.

“States throughout the United States and countries around the world each have their own insect that wreaks havoc on automobiles, trucks, RVs, and motorcycle paint. Florida and most Gulf Coast States, in particular, have the dreaded love bug,” said Frank Sheldon, the Florida Viet Nam era vet and entrepreneur who developed the spray-on solution that creates a cellophane-like film that protects against insect damage.

“We previously fine-tuned our original solution and made it easier to use by putting it in a convenient aerosol spray can. We found end users worldwide were protecting their vehicles from a wide range of insects so we now have rebranded as Bug Shield on Demand™ to reflect its universal use against all insects…

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