There is No If in the Life

Life is like a fruit tree, although there are many fruits on it, there are no if. Yes, there is too much hypothetical word on the road of life, which seems to leave a trap and let us sink deep, and finally cannot extricate ourselves, hate our own incompetence, even hate life. Therefore, we had to live forever in a dark corner.


However, life does not seem to stop because of you, so you do not have time to regret, to assume that time is always moving forward, it will not stay for any person. Why should we grieve for the dead time? This only causes unnecessary harm to us, whether you are willing to accept the reality, it will give you, but unconditionally. So, life has no if, the self-inflicted outcome is not having if, so, life should be well cared for, and cannot tolerate any slack. This is a good way to delete if for us.


Now we are adults, and have our own work, which is the most precious time of life. Perhaps you could not enter into your desired universities, and regret you did not learn well, if you want to learn well and you can be admitted to your dream universities, and so that kind of thing. For now, it is immature. Going with the flow, is it not an adaptation capacity? Rather than living in regret, why not standing tall to face your future life? If that kind of thing only makes your own pace to a halt, why not choose the former in the two ways of life?


Life cannot bear if, so we must learn to cherish and take. God gave us two ears and one mouth, is that we should listen to other people’s good words, think twice before doing things. Reduce our own regret, do not regret it. We need to do business acumen of the people, we have to learn life skills to deal with things to master standards, in different situations to take a different approach, but our hearts must be honest, and do a man maintaining the integrity. The thing we should insist in must adhere to, but the abandoned thing we absolutely keep. This is also the flexibility of interpersonal…

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