Touch 1.4 “Kite Strings” Review

All of the diehard fans of Touch know that the only downside of the show that it has so many storylines and a lot of things happening and moving around, too much for just a one hour episode show, but we have to tip the hat off to the producers and writers for this episode, as on this week’s episode of Touch “Kite Strings” they succeeded in making all of these story and moving parts meet and work together in an amazing way. And one of the amazing things that it brought back characters that were nowhere to be seen since the premier of the show.


For example, we all could relate to the guy who was sitting out of the church, we all felt that we saw him before, and as soon as he started to take to Pastor Steve we all realized that he is the lottery winner that we haven’t seen in a long while. And we all could feel that his meeting with Martin in the pilot episode wasn’t the end of it as it didn’t give him the needed closure, so we all predicted that one time he will reappear and that his story is going to be a continues one.


As for the performance of Pastor Steve in his scenes with the lottery winner was more than great, as we saw him as the Pastor who is willingly confessing that he can’t have all the answers, and that he was as lost as everyone, this gave everyone a sense of comfort and it was very entertaining perception of a Pastor, unlike the Pastors we see at other shows who are pretending to know their way and that they have all the answers to everything.


But not all the characters that were brought back made the viewers happy, for example the whole Iraqi storyline that was brought back along since Abduls story, because when we saw his storyline the first time, it didn’t quite grab everyone’s attention, so we weren’t that glad that they brought him back and that we are going to revisit this storyline once again. But at least it did lead to a good thing, which is the call that Laura made to Pastor Steve which was one of the most…

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