Ukraine TV show’s been debunking fake news for years now

“StopFake News” is no satire, but rather positions itself as serious public-service journalism, identifying fake news and debunking it on the air. Kiev, in its running battle with Moscow, was plagued by fake news long before concern over the problem spiked elsewhere.

KIEV, Ukraine — The studio lights dim, and the anchor taps a stack of papers on her desk and directs a steely gaze toward the television cameras.

What appears to be a nightly newscast is about to begin, only with a very Ukrainian twist: Everything is a lie, from start to finish.

“Welcome to ‘StopFake,’ the place where we set the record straight on fakes about Ukraine,” the anchor, Margo Gontar, intones.

In other parts of the world, viewers might suspect the evening news is just a bunch of lies, but watching the weekly broadcast of “StopFake News,” they can be…

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