What kind of home will $770K buy? It all depends on where you want to live – Edmonton

With the price of a detached home in Vancouver well beyond the reach of most families, we took the average price of a home in Toronto — $770,000 — and set out to see what kind of property that could get you in cities across Canada.

Our survey showed that the size and quality of a home selling in that price range varies widely by postal code. In Atlantic Canada, that kind of money goes a long way, and there are also some decent deals on the Prairies.

But when it comes to the Vancouver and Toronto markets, finding a single detached home becomes far more difficult. While prices in Vancouver have dropped 19 per cent over the past year, the average price is still the highest in Canada at $878,000, and that includes condos.

A check of the Multiple Listing Service found not a single detached home in the City of Vancouver that fell into our price range. There are some in…

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