What to Text a Girl to Make her Want You


To start off building attraction with a girl through text messaging you first need to establish a deeper connection with her. The attraction does not start building itself as soon as you start texting her. You need to “warm her up”, per say by getting to know her better, this could include figuring out her likes, dislikes, things that she’s passionate about. It also extremely benefits you if you and her share some topic of interest she can relate to you on. This shared topic will stimulate discussion potentially to a level where you can start building attraction with her.

By covering a topic that you and her are both interested in, this gives you the possibility of doing something together. Now you shouldn’t outright say let’s go here and do this, you should do it subtly so that she notices but can tell you aren’t stating that you want to date her right now.  This will also give you several ideas for dates in the future.


Her: I love the snow!

You: So do I! When it snows, were definitely going to have a snowball fight

Her: Lol Sure.

You: You’d better dress warm, because the fight is on 😉

Now if you notice in this example you don’t force her to say yes to hanging out with you in the future, you just slightly hint to doing something together. Also the conversation is not serious and it is in a joking nature, signaling to her that you like to have fun and enjoy excitement.  It’s a good idea to keep these ideas in mind, because next time it actually does snow you can text her and tell her it’s time for that snowball fight.

There are several things to note about this approach. You don’t want to come off as weak, as if you were asking her permission for the future event. If she rejects a future suggestion like this just tease her with something like “Booo someone’s a party pooper!” something like that. 

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