When can a Jonas Act lawyer help

Jonas Act is a field of maritime law, based on the representation of individuals who suffered an injury during their employment at sea. Elaborated in 1920, the Jonas Act, consisting in a set of three laws, was made to protect seamen, including crewmembers and masters of the crew by ensuring compensation if injured at sea. Nowadays the Act also covers accidents, injuries or deaths that occur on international waters, among foreign sea workers or aboard internationally owned vessels.

In order to have a valid legal claim and be eligible for financial compensation, injured seamen will have to prove negligence of the employer. If the employer failed to correct a dangerous working condition and one of his employees was injured as a result, the injured seaman has the right to file a Jonas Act lawsuit.  The situation is similar if the vessel where the accident occurred was not seaworthy at the time of the incident.

If a seaman suffered injuries or other type of losses while on board, due to unsafe working conditions and he intends to file a Jonas Act lawsuit, he should contact a maritime lawyer. An experienced attorney can investigate the circumstances of the injury and establish whether there is a valid legal claim.

Before choosing a lawyer, injured individuals should be aware of the situation that not every personal injury lawyer will be able to help. Maritime law is a complex and specific domain, and attorneys specialized on other types of injuries usually don’t even accept cases involving maritime injuries. After the right attorney has been chosen a free initial case evaluation can take place. If there is a valid claim, a lawsuit can be filed and plaintiffs can receive compensation to cover the costs of medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, lawyer’s fees and other costs related to their injury.




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