Will Donald Trump alter the art of the apology?

Forget Donald Trump’s impact on politics.

In a corporate sense, the Republican presidential nominee may be rewriting “The Art of the Apology.”

Trump has gotten plenty of grief for his unwillingness to apologize for what many observers – not all, and certainly not his loyalists – perceived as numerous political gaffes during his year-long quest for the White House. How many times have gurus speculated his campaign couldn’t survive various misstatements/insults/whatever slamming numerous opponents, racial or ethnic groups, servicemen and their families or even members of his own party?

The developer/entertainer won his party’s nomination. So much for punditry.

To me, Trump – who co-authored the 1987 best-seller “The Art of the Deal” about negotiations – is testing common beliefs in the today’s corporate communications world that it is best to…

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